Neurological Integration System (NIS/Neurolink)

Neurological Integration is a manual treatment system whereby the nervous system facilitates information feedback. Here the brain plays the main roll, as it is continuously watching over all processes within our body. The nerves system is integral to the connection between all the structures with in our body, allowing interaction and feedback as well as communication with the outside world. To discover integral disruptions within this feedback system, one makes use of muscle tests as the feedback mechanism. Through use of NIS principles, comprehensive diagnostic check ups of these system can be preformed, dysfunctional systems can be discovered and reintegrated. These processes happen on a neurological, physiological, immunological and emotional level. Through these processes, NIS targets the cause of the problem leading to the complex symptomatology.

Who could benefit from NIS?

NIS works within the restrictions of our organism. Due to it's painless and stress-free approach it is aimed and can be safely used by all age groups.

Which symptomatology can be treated?

(The following is a short list to be used for information purposes only, a detailed patient evaluation and assessment  will be needed to evaluate the full benefit of treatment on the client.)

concerning pain management

  • back pain
  • migraine and different types of headache
  • joint and muscle pain

concerning neurological and psychological disturbances

  • nerve disfunction including pain
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • sleep disturbances
  • learning,concentration,attention deficit syndrome
  • chronic stress and burn out
  • dizziness
  • anxiety and depression
  • assistants with post traumatic head injurie

concerning conditions of the airways

  • asthma
  • chronic infections
  • allergies
  • sinusitis

concerning the gaestro interstinal system

  • indigestion
  • irritable bowl syndrome
  • chronic inflammatory bowl syndrome

concerning skin conditions

  • neurodermatits
  • ekzema
  • warts
  • acne

concerning metabolic and hormonsystem

  • issues  related to menstruations problems
  • issues related to  menopause
  • issues related to libido
  • issues related to pregnancy
  • issues related to fatality
  • metabolic syndromes
  • diabetes

What can you expect after the treatment?

Once treament is concluded, the brain reintegrates returning to the best possible functionality and reduction of symptoms.

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